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Leah saved me from myself. I was thinking of planning my own wedding, which in hindsight, would’ve been a complete disaster. But instead of said disaster, we had a pretty amazing wedding with only 2 months of planning. I found Leah on The Knot’s website, so while I almost never write reviews, in this case, the reviews I read helped me so much that I want to pay it forward for other brides (and the occasional groom who participates in the planning) to make sure they know how awesome she is too.
— Samantha and Demetrius
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As a former corporate lawyer, Leah is extremely organized and responsive. But she’s also creative—both with ideas and solutions. She was enthusiastic, kind, responsive, accommodating, communicative and ALWAYS CALM. She indulged my indecisiveness, while simultaneously making sure we stayed on schedule and never made me feel stressed out or overwhelmed. Leah has extensive relationships in the industry and connected us with lots of other amazing vendors. Venues & wedding vendors love working with her, which made things incredibly easy and seamless for us.
— Samantha and Demetrius
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She took all the back-and-forth off my plate, handled all the logistics and meticulously planned our day-of schedule. I’d come up with an idea and she would automatically take the step of connecting me with someone who could bring it to life. But she’s also conscientious—convincing me not to spend money unnecessarily and she she definitely talked me off the Amazon ledge—where I was basically spending all my time. On the actual wedding day, I had a completely stress free and amazing time. She put out every fire, handled every “emergency” and directed all the moving parts without me even noticing. I basically just showed up and had a good time. You should hire her now. And you can thank me later.
— Samantha and Demetrius
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