HIRING LEAH + THE COLOR POP EVENTS TEAM WILL HANDS DOWN BE ***THE BEST*** DECISION YOU MAKE DURING YOUR WEDDING PLANNING PROCESS!!!! SERIOUSLY. Leah is simply the GREATEST. She receives our highest possible recommendation and we seriously cannot say enough wonderful things about her. Our wedding this summer was THE MOST epic and incredibly perfect ultimate love-bomb of a day and night.
— Hannah and Michael
We are so grateful that we got to be 1000% blissfully in the moment at our wedding — just living and loving every second of it, because Leah and her team handled everything down to the very last detail absolutely SEAMLESSLY. #flawless #literally!!!
— Hannah and Michael
And we definitely did not have a simple wedding to coordinate. We got married at a venue in Brooklyn that required us to hire outside vendors for every category — which meant that Leah coordinated a multitude of different vendors for us (catering, florist, party rentals - including for furniture, table settings, linens, etc., DJ, photographers, ice cream truck, hair and makeup artists, hotel liaisons, just to name a few!!) — not only on the actual day of our wedding, but also for the 7+ months leading up to our wedding while we were working together (including our rehearsal and everything else in between).
— Hannah and Michael
We also ended up having a bunch of nutty little details planned (including a slightly crazy ombre-patterned layout for the napkins around each table) and Leah made sure that all of those little details were executed perfectly. In addition to managing all of our to-dos, she helped us stay on top of our budget and was clutch with helping us to save money where possible without sacrificing any of the things that we cared about.
— Hannah and Michael
It’s also extremely telling that every single vendor we worked with told us how lucky we were to working with Leah. Vendors repeatedly mentioned to us that our planning process was extremely smooth, which was entirely due to Leah’s excellent management and relationships within the industry (she is adored!!). Our theory is that Leah is able to work all of her magic because she is actually a superhuman living among us (how lucky for us!!). But seriously, she is super organized and responsive and has superior problem-solving abilities.
— Hannah and Michael
But she definitely not just the Platonic ideal of a high-achieving “type-A person”— she is so much more: so much fun(!!!), funny, enthusiastic and supportive. She also has the most calming presence and communication style . Leah’s entire process was extremely personalized, tailored to our needs and preferences. She has an uncanny ability to read and relate to people, and we felt like she totally “got us” within the first minute of meeting her. Leah impressed us so much and made us so comfortable, we actually hired her on the spot despite thinking when we initially got engaged that we probably didn’t need a coordinator.
— Hannah and Michael
The decision to hire Leah was the pivotal point in pulling off a wedding that exceeded our expectations and we’ll forever remember as the greatest day of our life. This review really just skims the surface of what we have to say about Leah. She masterfully coordinated the most epic day imaginable for us and we will forever be grateful to her for all of the overwhelming care, extraordinary attention, genuine enthusiasm and love that she poured into our wedding. Leah is a magical rockstar coordinator and absolute gem of a person and we will rave about her forever!!!!!!!!!!!
— Hannah and Michael