#ColorPopWCW: Sabine and Madin

This week's Woman Crush Wednesday pick is none other than Sabine and Madin, also known as, our Barbie and Kendra! When I came up with the idea of doing a Barbie-inspired wedding with a lesbian couple as the models, I had no idea how incredible the shoot would be on so many levels. 

After coming up with the concept and bringing Kate from H&H Weddings and Michelle Bablo on board, the challenge became finding the perfect Barbie and Kendra. What did Kate and I do? We Instagram-stalked people, of course. Kate spotted Madin (our Kendra) on Dapper Q's Instagram feed and then found Madin's own Instagram page, which revealed that Madin was in a relationship with Sabine (the two are actually married), who would be the perfect Barbie. Except there was one problem: Madin and Sabine live in L.A.  

Never one to back away from a challenge, Kate e-mailed Madin and pitched the idea of the Barbie and Kendra shoot. Madin was interested! So then we Skyped. And then I followed up with a more detailed e-mail in order to get Sabine on board. And Sabine was interested too! And they were willing to plan a trip to NYC to be part of the shoot! I mean, I was floored when I realized that two complete strangers were going to fly across the country to take part in this totally bizarre styled shoot. Even on the day of the shoot, Kate and I looked at each other and said, "I can't believe we pulled this off!".

Madin and Sabine turned out to be the most perfect couple in so many ways. They were super sweet, so in love and absolutely adorable together. Don't believe me, then check out the video by Mae B. Films. Not to mention that they were totally game to participate in a Barbie wedding to begin with! On top of all of that, Madin runs an amazing organization in L.A. called Project Q, whose mission is to help "LGBTQIA and homeless youth combat bullying, develop self esteem and find an identity for themselves through hair styling". These two are amazing and beautiful individuals and I am so honored that they took part in this shoot. And that's why this #wcw is dedicated to them.