Color Pop Is Expanding - Let's Plan Your Wedding in Palm Springs!!!

I’ve had a new project in the works for a few months now, and today is the day I finally get to share what I’ve been working on! I am so excited to announce that Color Pop Events will be offering destination wedding planning services for Tri-state area couples that want to get married in Palm Springs! Warm weather and desert air, here I come!

  All photos by  Mikkel Paige Photography

Why Did I Choose Palm Springs?

  • Size. Palm Springs is small enough that I have a solid grasp on all the venue and vendor options there, and it’s a place where I can integrate myself into the wedding community. Unlike a larger city like Los Angeles, there’s a limit to the list of local venues and vendors, and it’s my job to be the expert on those venues and vendors for my couples.
  • The best months to get married in Palm Springs are less-than-ideal months to get married in New York. Because New York and Palm Springs have practically opposite wedding seasons, the weddings I take on in Palm Springs will be the perfect balance to my seasonal calendar. Planning weddings in Palm Springs won’t detract from the number of weddings I’m able to take on in New York or significantly impact my availability for my couples getting married in New York.
  • It’s an amazing city. Palm Springs is one of my favorite places to visit in the United States and what’s not to love? The weather. The mid-century modern architecture and décor. The overall vibe. I can’t think of a city more consistent with the Color Pop brand to work in. Not to mention how much there is to do there. For the outdoorsy couple, Palm Springs itself is perfect to bike around and there are lots of opportunities for hiking in the nearby mountains. And let’s not forget its proximity to Joshua Tree. For the couple that prefers to spend their time indoors, there are tons of great restaurants and shops to check out.

Why Should You Choose Palm Springs?

  • You can escape those frigid NY winters! We all want to get away during the winter months, so having your wedding in a place where it will be warm and sunny in February is a perfect way to accomplish that.
  • You’re not limited by weather. In New York, a lot of couples don’t want to get married November through February because they want to have an outdoor component to their weddings and are concerned that it will be too cold during those months. You definitely don’t have to worry about that in Palm Springs!
  • It’s more affordable. Now, I’m not saying that weddings in Palm Springs are going to be cheap, but your money will definitely go further in Palm Springs when it comes to venue fees, food and beverage costs, flowers, etc.
  • It’s something different. If you’re like most people in their late twenties/early thirties, you’ve probably been a guest at close to a dozen weddings. At this point, they may all start to blur together. Heck, some of them may even have been at the same venue! Here’s a chance to stand out from your group of friends and plan a wedding that is truly unique.

Why Hire Color Pop Events Rather Than a Palm Springs-Based Planner?

  • In-person meetings, Part 1: Being able to have in-person meetings with me, in New York, is huge! As someone who planned their own wedding in Atlanta while living in NYC, I speak from personal experience when I say that, if you hired a Palm Springs-based planner, you would see them in person maybe twice before you arrive for the wedding. Spending time in person with my couples is one of the most valuable assets to being able to execute a flawless day for you. It gives me a chance to get to know you, to get a sense of your vibe and style, and likewise, you get to know me and see how I work. On the day of the wedding, everyone knows what to expect.
  • In-person meetings, Part 2: Want to meet up during your lunch break or after work one day? Because I’m here on the ground with you, I have flexibility and more availability for scheduling in-person meetings.  
  • We’re in the same time zone. You won’t ever have to double check what time zone I’m in to figure out if it’s too early or late to call or if I might be out to lunch.
  • I work on NYC-time. No offense to my Palm Springs folks, but people in New York City are accustomed to a faster pace of life and I work at that same pace. I understand the need for responsiveness and the sense of urgency that New Yorkers have and I work accordingly.  

How Will It Work?

We can work together one of two ways:
1.    You already know where in Palm Springs you want to get married—either from having been there before or seeing photos online—and don’t need/want an initial venue search trip. In that case, once the venue is booked, we’ll start the vendor search process and meetings can take place via phone/Skype/Google Hangouts, etc. At some point during the planning process, we’ll take a trip to Palm Springs to meet all of your chosen vendors in person and do a walk through at the venue. The goal of this trip would be to take care of any in-person meetings so that you don’t need to make a separate trip (unless you want to, of course!) before the wedding.

2.    You aren’t sure where in Palm Springs you want to get married, so you want to tour venues before making a decision, in which case we’ll take an initial venue search trip, which will also include in-person meetings with vendor candidates while we’re there. We would then do another trip during the planning process for a walk through at the venue and in-person meetings with your selected vendors.

I’m incredibly excited for this new venture for Color Pop Events, and I can’t wait to start working with new couples who are as in love with Palm Springs as I am!