Beyond the Basics: Wedding Planning for Smart & Thoughtful Couples

Over the years (and through the process of planning many weddings), I’ve come to know that planning a wedding is much more than budgets, details, and guest lists. It’s also about families, relationships, and, oftentimes, a few inner struggles.

Wedding planning is amplified in so many ways. In a literal sense, a wedding is an amplified party. But nuances in relationships can also become amplified. Emotions can become amplified. And inner struggles and insecurities can also become amplified, all under the intense pressure of planning a wedding.

So, as Oprah would say, here’s what I know to be true.

If you don’t pay attention to the emotional details, if you don’t bother with self care, and if you don’t understand the dynamics of your most important relationships, planning a wedding can be the most stressful time of your life rather than one of the most delightful.

To help you sort through all of the emotional and relationship stuff that comes up during wedding planning, I’m launching a new Facebook Live Series called Colorful Conversations. I’ve selected some of the best minds in psychology, fitness and wellness, and even personal development to offer you a guide to planning a stress-free wedding with heart.

Because let’s face it, being able to enjoy your wedding planning process entails much more than color palettes and party favors!

Two times a month (on the second and fourth Thursdays), I’ll interview an expert who will help you:

  • Manage your relationships with family, friends, and partners in healthy ways

  • Deal with stress and overwhelm

  • Foster more confidence, strength, and purpose during the planning process

Join us this week (Thursday, April 25, 2019) for our very first episode featuring Callie Exas of Callie Exas Nutrition & Wellness, where we’ll chat about how to integrate nutrition and movement into your wedding planning process and dish on Callie’s thoughts on weddings and diet culture.

Excited to have you all tune in!

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