A Colorful Conversation with Jane Mosbacher Morris of To the Market

Buying The Change You Want to See

Jane Mosbacher Morris is on a mission to help people use their purchasing power to change the world. During her time working for the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Counterterrorism, Jane saw first hand how the “power of the purse” impacted women in developing countries. She saw women transformed and empowered by their ability to earn their own wages. Wanting to get involved and help connect these women with ethically-minded consumers, she started TO THE MARKET to offer a resource for ethical purchases and to educate and raise awareness about social and environmental justice issues around the world. .  

In this interview, Leah and Jane discuss how you don’t have to be a “Green Warrior” to harness your purchasing power for good, and Jane offers helpful tips for 

  • Harnessing the “power of your purse” to make ethically-minded purchases,

  • Reducing the environmental footprint at your wedding, and 

  • Using your wedding to make your guests more ethically aware.


Want to Change the World? Start Small.

The idea of trying to change the world with what you buy may seem daunting but Jane assures us it’s not. The key is starting small and changing one tiny habit at a time. 

Try changing your buying habits on things you already purchase.  For example,. if you love coffee or chocolate, choose ethically sourced coffee or chocolate. 

Or perhaps you want to make a difference in your local community by supporting the women-owned businesses where you purchase your coffee from each morning. 

Do a little research on the companies you are thinking of supporting and find one that aligns with your values. 

By choosing ethically-made and sustainable goods consistently,  you can change the global market for the better.  


Tips for reducing the environmental footprint of your wedding.

Consumerism is a significant aspect of many weddings in the western world. When Jane was planning her own wedding, she was surprised by how many resources were consumed on a single day. 

She quickly started researching how she could reduce her environmental footprint and use the purchasing power of her own wedding for good.  

Here are some ways you can reduce your environmental footprint on your big day:

  • Eat in your foodshed. Feed your guests fresh, local cuisine. Find a caterer that sources food from local farmers and/or uses organic ingredients. Something as simple as eating within your foodshed is not only environmentally responsible but it can also raise awareness in a cool way for your guests.. 

  • Choose in-season flowers. To be ethically-minded and make your flowers last, choose locally-sourced and seasonal flowers. 

  • Find ways to use decor multiple times. To save money and resources, think about how you can get multiple uses out of your florals and decor. Consider using the same flower arrangements for your ceremony and reception. Maybe repurpose florals and decor for your day-after brunch and then donate them to a local hospital or nursing home so they can find a second life and bring joy to someone else. 

  • Find your fashion in unique places. Instead of buying new, consider second-hand fashion choices or even rentals. Most wedding attire is worn only once, so in order to find ways to make sure attire gets a second and third life and beyond, consider using online platforms like Rent the Runway, thredUP, or The RealReal. They all have showstoppers ready to be worn for your wedding day and all the fun parties in between. 

  • Small touches make big impacts. Changing your registry to charitable donations in lieu of gifts or having your wedding favors be something your guests would actually use again are just tiny ways that you can make the world a better place. 

Get your guests involved. 

Make your choices clear. If you are making ethically conscious decisions at your wedding, raise awareness of the issues you are tackling by letting your guests know! Use signage and print materials or your wedding website to talk about your decisions. 

You can be the change you want to see in the world.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make a year, everyone can harness their purchasing power and impact the world with what they already buy. 


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