Three Marketing Musts for Promoting Your Event

You made your to-do and invite lists, you’ve checked them twice. Vendors are locked in, the venue is booked. You’ve planned this amazing event. Now, it’s time to promote it. Whether your event is open to the public, or something more intimate (like a wedding), you want to create buzz and get guests excited. Today I'm sharing with you some of event management powerhouse Eventbrite's tips and tricks for making sure you pack a full house.

Think Digital

The average American spends about 24 hours online each week, according to a recent study. Eventbrite says creating an online event page to keep guests informed and excited is super beneficial. It’s a great way to let them know about the event schedule, attire, hotel accommodations, local restaurants and nightlife, etc.

For weddings, it’s all about the wedding website. In my opinion, Zola reigns supreme in wedding planning platforms. It’s a one-stop-shop for planning, registering, and beyond—and is a way to share big-day details with your guests, manage RSVPs, and collect song requests. Oh, and it’s completely free!

Eventbrite also notes the importance of visibility on social platforms, both professional and private. Make sure to cast a wide net and encourage your friends and followers to share the event information on their pages as well.

Work the Inbox

Another important part of digital marketing is email. Long gone are the days of direct mailers—email marketing is one of the most powerful communication tools with unprecedented reach. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have shifted their algorithms, so there is no guarantee your audience will ever see content about the event. Therefore, there’s no better way to get an attendee’s attention than to pop up in his or her inbox.

Photo by  Amber Marlow

Photo by Amber Marlow

For public events in particular, it’s helpful to build a strong e-mail list for blasting out content. Decide on the cadence of emails that will build up anticipation and keep your event top of mind—but be careful of overdoing it. 

Get the Word on the Street

Last, but certainly not least, is good old-fashioned word of mouth. Create collateral, like posters, gifs, videos, banners, etc. to catch the eye of potential attendees and brand your event. This rings true for everything from public conferences to your wedding! Eventbrite encourages event organizers to "participate in the conversation yourself. Don't only try to get your attendees talking about the event, talk about it yourself! If you are excited and think your event is cool, show others so they think the same."